Date: 20240221
Time: 3.0
Dollars: $0.0
Title: Trim tab
Found all the trim tab parts, read the instructions over and over, cut and filed the hinges, and assembled the tab, I think correctly... Some confusing language in the manual and watching some youtubers do it incorrectly made me second guess myself a number of times... Along with spars that are drilled the same with holes in the right spar that aren't used... All this added to a lot of reading, re-reading, and youtubering...

This guy clecoed the top and transfer drilled the bottom;

The instructions are as follows;
Cleco the skin and trim tab horns to the spar/ribs. Place on a flat surface with the
top side up. Check for twist and straightness and fixture or weight as needed.
Transfer drill the holes in the top part of the skin to the spar and ribs.

To me it means cleco the bottom, including the horns, the horns are why I think you should transfer drill the top side... In the end I'm sure it makes no difference, just added confusion...

This guy does it the way I expected;

But then the factory does it a completely different way;

All good fun!